Luxury Vinyl Flooring

luxury vinyl flooring

Durable Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Moline, IL


When you are ready to tackle your flooring project, you can rely on Flooring America Moline to provide you with top-quality luxury vinyl flooring in Moline, IL. This fantastic alternative to tile and hardwood flooring can mimic those designs while offering unmatched durability, making it the go-to choice for many people. Plus, you can purchase it at a fraction of the cost of more high-end flooring materials and put it in rooms that are prone to moisture.

Our vinyl flooring is manufactured from versatile materials that allow it to withstand the pressures of even a commercial environment. This durable product stands up to heavy traffic and is even strong enough to resist scratches.

Whether you choose our vinyl flooring for your home or office, you are using a quality product that has been made to last for years to come. In addition to providing durability and great looks, choosing this type of resilient flooring makes for a great financial decision as well. Visit our showroom today to learn more about our varied options and to get an estimate.


Appealing Innovative Designs

We hold the design, texture, and finish of our vinyl flooring to high standards. Without a trained eye, it is challenging to distinguish between this type of flooring and real hardwood or even stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile. The presence of a beveled edge adds to the realistic look of the product and is one of the features that make it hard to distinguish from other types of flooring.

You can choose from a large variety of designs and colors to create a unique floor that sets your home apart from that of your family and friends. Mosaic and checkered patterns are very popular if you want that contemporary look in your home.

Another excellent choice for a unique look and design is luxury vinyl plank flooring. This style resembles a rich hardwood floor and has also become popular due to its affordability, low-maintenance, and appeal. With our wood-look designs, this flooring can mimic stained hickory, oak, or other natural woods.


An Abundance of Benefits

This type of flooring is made from 100% vinyl and meets the green building standards for all commercial applications. It may seem unusual to classify this type of flooring as eco-friendly. Certainly, you would think that wood and stone would more easily fall into that category. However, because of the longevity of vinyl flooring, it won't need to be replaced for many years. Vinyl flooring, in turn, reduces energy costs in your home and the need for additional materials. It's also easy to repair or replace, which offers additional cost savings over the lifetime of your home or office.

With luxury vinyl flooring, you can look forward to multiple benefits, including simple installation, easy maintenance, and an extensive variety of styles and texture variations. Take advantage of this winning combination by visiting our showroom. Reach out today and speak to one of our experienced staff about your new floor installation and allow us to answer any questions you have.

Contact our professional luxury vinyl flooring staff today for all your home or office needs. We proudly serve Moline, IL, and the surrounding area.


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